Notorious as Ireland's patron saint, Patrick carries a prophetic message for those disillusioned with Christianity in Ireland today. His love for God, for Christ, for the written Word of God, and for the eternal souls of men is rarely seen in our day or if seen is called fanatism and extremism. If ever Ireland needed another Patrick it is now. He was a prophet, an apostle, an evangelist, a true bishop, a pioneer and a revivalist. This site has been set up to make known the true testimony of this great man of God who came as a slave but returned as a missionary. Patrick's testimony is free from hypocrisy, pride, hierarchy, tradition and deadness and bring's a prophetic and hopeful signpost to this generation in Ireland.

The voice of Patrick still rings down over the centuries and generations with a clear, simple, pure and Scriptural Gospel pointing men to Jesus, the Bible, the Cross and to Heaven. May his life and message have a deep, profound, life-changing and direction-changing affect upon you.


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Saint Patrick of Ireland